Year of arrival: 2014

Age at the time of arrival: 35 years-old

Sex: Female

Personality traits: Playful and energetic 

Facility: Elephant Rehabilitation Centre

Recognisable traits: The shortest elephant among the ERC herd

Present health condition: Undergoes regular toenail trimming sessions and medicated footbaths for her torn footpads and toenail abscesses

Favourite food: Sugarcanes and bananas

Closest to: Ella

Favourite activities: Loves taking mudbaths in the mudbog with Erika and Ella.

Background history: Held illegally by her cruel owner, Lilly lived a life that was riddled with misery and insurmountable pain. There was no relief for her as she spent most of the time walking on blazing tarmac surfaces that severely deteriorated the condition of her footpads and her limbs. Lilly was seized by the Forest Department and embarked upon her healing journey at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Rehabilitation Centre. She was quick to take to her new surroundings and the loving company of her herd largely aided her psychological healing. 

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