Age: 11 years old

Sex: Female

Age at the time of rescue: 3 months old.

Personality traits: Shivani is wary of humans, and other leopards though she gets along well with her keeper. She shares an enclosure with Sitara and they get along nicely.

Recognisable features: Shivani is a 3-limbed feline; she lost a leg in a fight with another leopard while she was a cub. 

Present health condition: Healthy, currently not under any treatment 

Facility: Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Centre.

Closest to: Sitara.

Favourite activities: Climbing the log platform enrichments and basking in the sun. 

Special needs: Special enrichments for Shivani need to be prepared keeping in mind the fact that she has only three limbs.

Keeper name: Shivaji.

Background history: A sugarcane farmer found Shivani as a tiny cub in his farm. The Forest Department roped in a team from Wildlife SOS to help rescue the cub and attempt a reunion with her mother if possible. After a failed attempt to do the same, it was finally decided to bring Shivani to MLRC as chances of her survival in the wild were bleak. Since then a decade has passed, and Shivani has grown up to be a healthy and majestic leopard. She spends most of her time lazing out in the sun atop her log platform enrichments, and mock-wrestling with her best friend Sitara.

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