Wildlife SOS recognizes that human compassion and understanding is crucial to saving wild animals and protecting the habitats they need to survive. Wildlife SOS, therefore emphasizes the need for conservation education. We work in both rural and urban communities to educate people about the surrounding environment and animals. Education can take many forms. Everything from showing people the little things they can do to help the environment to explaining techniques for avoiding human/wildlife conflicts to local communities, everything helps.

Wildlife SOS understands that the challenges that we face are dynamic. Impoverished human communities do not often have the luxury of informed choice in how they earn the living that feeds their family. With this in mind, Wildlife SOS also funds the education of children from Kalandar communities. This enables the people to break cyclical poverty and ignorance. Education empowers future generations to live and thrive in mainstream society. We believe it is absolutely essential that children have access to quality education. Wildlife SOS supports the education of over 1,360 Kalandar children. We assist with school admissions, paying fees and providing books, stationary, uniforms and schoolbags to equipe these children to follow their dreams and avail the opportunities life has to offer them. Through their growth and learning, they themselves further contribute to improving living standards of the community as a whole. Education is the beginning of charting a positive cycle for India’s impoverished and under served communities.


There has been an increase in the number of Kalandar families availing of education support for their children. We have seen school enrollment has increased while dropout rates have come down. Education also leads to a reduction in childhood marriages. Our efforts have supported children from all ages and more than 50% of Kalandar students under the project are girls.

You can help us support the education of a Kalandar child and provide a brighter future! CLICK HERE to sponsor a Kalandar child.