India is home to a variety of snake species ranging from extremely venomous snakes like the Cobra and Common krait and in some rare cases, Saw scaled viper & Russell’s viper, to relatively harmless and non-venomous ones like the Common sand boa, Red sand boa, Wolf snake, Rat snake and Black-headed royal snake. Largely misrepresented and often perceived as dangerous, reptiles are met with fear and hostility, leading to incidents of human conflict with this species.

Wildlife SOS works to alleviate these misconceptions and sensitize people to these incredible animals, using education, awareness and positive intervention to help mitigate human reptile conflict.

The Wildlife SOS 24×7 Rapid Response Unit works round the clock attending to distress calls from members of the public, police, animal lovers and other organizations about wild animals in peril or caught in conflict situations. 

Rapid urbanisation and habitat modification has redefined the lines between cities and forests. Consequently, wildlife living in proximity to such expanding areas struggle to find a foothold their decreasing habitat, and have to adapt in order to survive in urban habitats.

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