India is home to a variety of snake species rannging from extremely venomous snakes like the cobra & common krait and in some rare cases, saw scaled vipers & Russell’s viper, to relatively harmless and non-venomous ones like the common sand boa, red sand boa, wolf snake, rat snake, cat snake, royal snake, kukri, checkered keelback and bronzeback tree snakes. We also work with Indian Rock pythons, one of the largest snake species in India.

The team also responds to various distress calls about birds, nilgai antelopes, civet cats and sometimes even calls about leopards in Gurugram. We have an aviary designed specially to handle raptors such as kites, crested serpent eagles, falcons and Egyptian vultures. It has been set up in a way that as they recover, the birds can fly out of the enclosure undisturbed. We are currently providing lifetime care for over 300 animals including rhesus macaques, nilgais, kites, parakeets and peacocks that are either old, handicapped, ailing from diseases, have suffered from electrocution and are otherwise unfit for release.

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