Wildlife SOS supports the education of nearly 5000 children from the Kalandar community. We discovered long ago that taking a holistic approach to preventing the exploitation of wild animals is one key to long term success. For hundreds of years, people from the Kalandar tribe made a living by holding sloth bears captive, abusing them, and forcing them to perform. Now, Wildlife SOS has rescued the bears, set up the adults in the community with different vocations, and helped educate their children, so that there is never again a need for a sloth bear to suffer at the hands of someone in this community. By sponsoring a child, you are supporting a cruelty-free future!

As a sponsor, you will receive a digital package which will include:

  • A personalized sponsorship certificate along with a picture of the sponsored child
  • Quarterly updates on the child
  • A desktop/ zoom background picture
  • A collection of printables – a bear picture, a bookmark and a couple of illustrated prints.

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