At Wildlife SOS, we follow a comprehensive approach to saving India’s wildlife. As we continue to develop and improve our rescue and medical resources, our Elephant Hospital and conservation and care centres, our research and partnerships, and our talented and dedicated staff, we take a holistic view of saving both individual animals, as well as protecting an entire species.

Our broad efforts in conservation, welfare and research have an overarching ethic and belief that true and lasting protection for wildlife can’t happen if we don’t address the economic challenges of communities that exploit wildlife to survive.


As populations grow, consumption and related impacts increase, and people and communities become more mobile and connected, we must thoughtfully address the interactions of humans and wildlife that share our environment. Making sure there is always a place for wildlife to flourish beyond human meddling in India’s crowded landscape is paramount to our mission. Habitat protection is just part of it – we also aggressively battle illegal animal trade and poaching, and we advocate for populations of free wildlife both within the legal and legislative systems, as well as in communities most impacted by human-wildlife conflict.

Core to our conservation plan is habitat protection and the rescue, treatment, and return of injured wildlife. We have rescued thousands of injured animals, from the smallest birds to towering bull (male) elephants. Our rescue teams operate in bustling urban spaces as well as in rural and remote locations. Read more about our conservation projects below.

Our Conservation Projects


When front-line conservation efforts fail, wildlife is often harmed or imprisoned for financial gain and entertainment of humans. We can be a brutal species without compassion for wild beings. For example, elephants used for begging or to entertain tourists were most likely captured in the wild, broken and abused, and forced to comply out of fear. These unfortunate animals can rarely be released back into the wild, and often require long-term medical care for chronic injuries.

Wildlife SOS works tirelessly to protect India’s wildlife through high-quality care for animals who cannot return to the wild. We provide medical treatment for animals that can be released, rescue services for animals in brutal settings, and advocacy to prevent animals from being exploited for entertainment. Wildlife SOS has skilled rescue and medical teams on the ground, a dedicated elephant ambulance, 12 sanctuaries, and India’s first and only Elephant Hospital for treating crippled, handicapped, sick or geriatric elephants, and advanced studies to improve care. Read more about our welfare projects below.

Our Welfare Projects


Thoughtful long-term conservation and care are informed through data and research. Wildlife SOS uses technology like drones and camera traps to study elephants, leopards, and sloth bears in their native habitat. We also conduct animal care studies at our rescue facilities and gather information to better understand all of India’s sensitive, threatened, and endangered species. We work with partners around the world to learn more about protecting and caring for the species most endangered.

Wildlife SOS also works with local communities through outreach programmes and workshops to reduce or resolve human-wildlife conflicts. We believe it is possible and absolutely critical that humans and wildlife find ways to peacefully coexist. Read more about our research projects below.

Our Research Projects

Economic Disruption

Wildlife SOS strongly believes that wildlife conservation can’t have a permanent impact without addressing the challenges faced by both animals and humans. Exploitation of wildlife is most often a cycle of poverty, opportunity, and tradition. This is why Wildlife SOS believes so strongly in generating alternative livelihoods for people involved in wildlife exploitation. Read about our work with the Kalandar community, women’s empowerment, and children’s education.

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