Year of arrival: 2021

Age at the time of arrival: 60+ years-old

Sex: Female

Personality traits: Timid and shy

Recognisable features: Blind

Present Health Condition: Suffering from sloughed footpads, malnourishment, blindness, degenerative joint disease and severe arthritis. Undergoing regular foot baths, laser therapy, and specialized geriatric care.

Facility: Treatment Unit at ECCC

Favourite Food: Papayas

Favourite Activities: Taking dust mud baths and basking in the sun

Background History: Ginger spent decades as a begging elephant and living under harsh conditions. Suspected to have completely lost her vision due to neglect and severe malnourishment, Ginger was forced to walk in noisy processions – causing her to be in a constant state of sensory deprivation. Her face and trunk would be covered in bright chalk paint to make her appear more attractive and she lived under the constant threat of being beaten or prodded with bullhook (ankush). Ginger was finally rescued from this brutal life by Wildlife SOS and she is now receiving specialized care and treatment at the Wildlife SOS Treatment Unit.

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