Year of arrival: 2021

Age at the time of arrival: Approximately 30 years

Sex: Female

Personality traits: The elephant is reluctant to move and when it does, she does so with an altered gait.

Recognisable features: Being termed as India’s skinniest elephant, Lakshmi is extremely emaciated and thin, making her head look much larger than her body.

Present health condition: Lakshmi is suffering from issues like chronic abscesses, overgrown toenails, arthritis, bent knees and abnormally deviated limbs, which are telltale signs of abject malnourishment and negligent healthcare. Besides, she also has an extremely bulged and protruding spine , and experiencing debility caused by long-term deprivation of food and water.

Facility: Treatment Unit at ECCC

Favourite food: Peanuts she receives treats

Favourite activities: Still under observation

Background history: For years Lakshmi has been working as a begging elephant, under unimaginable scenarios. Calling her India’s skinniest elephant is not an exaggeration since her bent knees and visibly bony projections indicated prolonged malnourishment. She was rescued and kept in a Madhya Pradesh Forest Department facility, following which she was transferred to the Wildlife SOS Treatment Unit so she could receive much needed medical attention and specialised care. READ MORE | WATCH VIDEO

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