Year of arrival: 2021

Age at the time of arrival: Approximately 20 years

Sex: Female

Personality traits: Curious about her surroundings, engages with her enrichments

Recognisable features: due to prolonged periods of being tied in an extreme posture, her front legs appear slanted in an angular manner thereby, completely altering her posture

Present health condition: Frail health, aching feet and wounded body; she has an abnormal posture leading to changes in the soft tissues and the bone structure itself. Her body is riddled with abscesses and the tush on the right side has broken off. Pari also has cracked toenails and footpads, and she is suffering from pododermatitis.

Facility: Treatment Unit at ECCC

Favourite food: Watermelon, followed closely by banana and sugarcane

Closest to: Still under observation, not introduced to other elephants

Favourite activities: Taking dust baths

Background history: For years Pari has been working as a begging elephant, under harsh conditions. When not working, she would be tied with ropes and chains for long hours, resulting in an extremely abnormal posture. On hearing about her miserable plight, the Wildlife SOS team embarked on a journey to rescue Pari. She was transferred to the Wildlife SOS Treatment Unit so she could receive much needed medical attention and specialised care. | READ MORE ABOUT PARI

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