Age: 12 years old.

Sex: Female.

Age at the time of rescue: Approximately 3 months old.

Personality traits: Extrovert, highly active, very curious.

Recognisable features: None.

Present health condition: Healthy, currently not under any treatment.

Facility:  Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center

Closest to: Jaya.

Favourite activities: Grooming herself, climbing trees, playing with Jaya.

Keeper name: Salim.

Background history: Jiya was brought to Wildlife SOS after her mother succumbed to injuries incurred while hunting. Timid and scared during the initial days at the rescue center, it took quite some time for the cub to get familiarized with her new surroundings. Today, Jiya is a favorite among the senior vets and staff alike. She keeps busy grooming herself, sharpening her claws on a tree stump or simply walking around the enclosure, stalking imaginary prey.

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