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    Sambar Deer Rescued From A 12 Foot Deep Water Tank In Junnar

Sambar Deer Rescued From A 12 Foot Deep Water Tank In Junnar

Time and again, we have come across incidents that shed light on the dangers of open wells and uncovered water tanks near buffer areas- marking the transition between forested regions and human habitation. Earlier this week, we witnessed yet another case where a female Sambar deer was found trapped inside a nearly 12 foot

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Eight-Week-Old Leopard Cubs Reunited with Mother in Junnar

With the onset of harvest season in the state of Maharashtra, it is not uncommon for farmers to be exposed to young leopard cubs taking up shelter in sugarcane fields. In a third incident this month alone, a pair of cubs were discovered by farmers in Ranjani village, located in Junnar district of Maharashtra.

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    Two Hyenas Fall Victim To An Open Well, Rescued By Team Wildlife SOS

Two Hyenas Fall Victim To An Open Well, Rescued By Team Wildlife SOS

Last week, residents of Pinahat village located in the outskirts of Agra city bore witness to a rather distressing sight. Their rather peaceful morning took a drastic turn when they heard the piercing sound of helpless cries echoing from the crop fields. On further investigation, they were shocked to find two hyenas trapped inside

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A Webinar On Wildlife SOS’ 24×7 Rescue Helpline!

How many people do you know who would climb fifty feet into a well to rescue a giant python? Or scale buildings to rescue a bird caught in a wire? Or even come face to face with some of the deadliest snakes in the country to ensure that the reptile gets a chance at

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Sloth Bear Cub Rescued From A Barbed Wire In Karnataka

Drawn by the painful cries of an animal in distress, local farmers of Koratagere village, Karnataka were shocked to find a sloth bear cub in the periphery of a Betel nut plantation. The young bear was caught in a deadly barbed wire that was intertwined around its waist and its struggle to escape were

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    Wild Sloth Bear Rescued After Consuming Explosive Device Used By Poachers

Wild Sloth Bear Rescued After Consuming Explosive Device Used By Poachers

Morning had barely dawned on the Wildlife SOS Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Facility in Karnataka, and the bears were waking up to the smell of their morning porridge, when a panic stricken call from the Divisional Forest Officer of Ramanagara district informed the Wildlife SOS team of an injured bear lying in a stream near

Leopard Cubs Saved From 40ft Well & Reunited with Mother

The scrub forests of Maharashtra have always been home to a rich population of leopards that for years have been living and breeding quietly in their natural habitat. However, over time due to the constant encroachment of forest lands, these elusive cats have been forced to share their territory with the ever growing human

An Unusual Visitor in Delhi’s Most Powerful Street

As dawn broke over the national capital, a nilgai also known as a blue bull decided to leave the comforts of her peaceful forested home located within the city and wandered into the unfamiliar concrete jungle that dominates it. Giving in to her curiosity, the large antelope soon found herself in Rajpath, New Delhi’s

Hyena Rescued After Being Violently Attacked By Villagers

In the sweltering heat of the afternoon sun, a lone hyena wanders into a field in the outskirts of Sarbathpur village, Agra. Curious yet wary of this unknown surrounding, the hungry and parched animal sets out in search of food and water, but little did it know that its unexpected visit would result in

Himalayan Griffon Vulture Rescued From Kashmir

On the banks of the Dal lake in Kashmir, a massive Himalayan griffon vulture stretches out its wings, its massive 8-foot wingspan casting huge shadows on the ground as it attempts to thrust itself into the clear blue sky. Instead, it tumbles further towards the edge of the lake, and emerges struggling, with its

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