Baiju Raj M.V.

Baiju Raj has been handling snakes and other wild animals since the age of 2. He is known at WSOS as the man who would go to the ends of the earth to save wildlife. He has been associated with WSOS since 2005 and is currently the Director Conservation Projects and is based at the Wildlife SOS Agra Bear Rescue and Rehabilitation Center. He is also a Member IUCN -SSC Crocodile Specialist Group and is responsible for coordinating all of the wildlife rescue teams that operate in India and oversees all projects. When asked to reflect upon his experience with Wildlife SOS he says, “[It has been] Challenging, [I am] motivated and open to do new innovative things here every day and proud to be a part of this organization which takes care of thousands of suffering animals.” His hobbies include playing all sorts of sports.