The creation of the third Bear Rescue Centre in India, in collaboration with the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department fructified Wildlife SOS’ attempt to put an end to the cruel practice of dancing bear in the state. Our third Bear Rescue Centre in Central India started in the Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal is now home to approx. 28 sloth bears. These bears were rescued/handed over by their masters, Kalandars, after months of intensive work with the community or handed over by the Forest Dept.

The rescued bears at the facility are first put in quarantine and then cared for- diet, treatment and loved by a dedicated team of vets and animal care takers. Wildlife SOS vets supervise their care and ensure that they receive nutritious diets with added vitamins and medication when required. And once they are healthy enough to undergo the rope removal surgery, the bears undergo surgery and treatment as required. In addition to the 25 rescued dancing bear, the Madhya Pradesh Forest Department also honored us with a Moon Bear, Sagar, given our commitment and dedication towards the welfare and care of all of our animals. These bears were handed over to Wildlife SOS for feeding, upkeep and care. The rescued animals suffer from health problems such as tumors and tuberculosis; problems of malnutrition and dehydration; cataracts and opacity of vision; muzzle injuries, maggot wounds and ulcerations in the mouth; with severely broken teeth. Wildlife SOS works in partnership with International Animal Rescue in the UK, One Voice France, Humane Society Australia & FTB, Australia to help these bears.