14 Ft Python Snake Breaches Air Force Station Security

November 15, 2014 | By dw
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On a cold November night the Air Force Station in Agra had a surprise visitor who infiltrated the station security quite by accident. Wildlife SOS who runs a Bear Rescue Facility and an Elephant Rehabilitation Center in Agra received a frantic call explaining how the 14 ft python was lying on a high wall on which were coiled a wire with razor blades. The Wildlife SOS rescue team was immediately called in by the District Magistrate’s office–Shri.Pankaj Kumar, IAS to help the Air Force remove this reptilian visitor.

In what was a very risky and daring rescue operation, the trained rescuers from Wildlife SOS first scaled the towering perimeter wall and then had to work at slipping this wild python through the coils of very sharp razor blade fencing to help entangle the large python without slicing him or hurting in a fatal manner. How such a heavy python had accidently coiled itself within the fencing is a mystery but probably in its bewilderment to escape it caught into a bigger tangle. Through the night using torches the Wildlife SOS team worked with great caution as it was essential to protect the python from sustaining injury. It was almost dawn by which time the python inch by inch was eased out of the coiled wire and safely deposited in transport container.

Wildlife SOS Senior Veterinarian, Dr.Ilayaraja said “The python rescued from the Agra Air Force station has sustained some injuries from the razor blades and is currently under treatment at the Wildlife SOS hospital. Once the snake has recovered from its injuries and is found to be fit for release, it will be released back in the wild.”

The rescue team sustained injuries from which they are recovering well and they are heartened by the fact that the snake’s scratches are superficial.

District Magistrate, Agra – Shri. Pankaj Kumar, IAS said, “Wildlife SOS has done a good job. I appreciate their sincere work and commitment in saving the wildlife.”

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-founder, Wildlife SOS said, “There is a need for us to respect the biodiversity around us. Pythons are feared because of their large size, however they are completely non venomous and often killed due to human ignorance. They are an endangered species and have the same level of protection as the tiger under Wildlife Protection act 1972.”

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