A little about ‘Badal’

September 10, 2013 | By dw
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‘Badal’ is a fascinating bear who is currently living at the Agra Bear Rescue Center.  He appears to be good friends with JoJo, Madhu, Kajal and Maharani.  The one bear he doesn’t seem to be a big fan of is Johny.  Although he isn’t a finicky eater and will eat almost all different types of fruits, he will sometimes skip meals when he isn’t in mood to eat.  He loves to be by the trees and will find activities to occupy his time that will keep him close to the canopy.  These include looking for termites, playing on swings and taking naps.  Although he loves to play on the swings, he equally enjoys breaking them as well.  Badal enjoys the company of other bears and appreciates some solitude as well.



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