After 5 years, 3 leopards get a better life

April 4, 2013 | By dw
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In 2008, a female leopard was trapped in a sugarcane field.  It had been determined that she was a nuisance and she needed to be removed.   To make matters worse, after she was trapped, it was discovered that she was pregnant and ready to give birth.

Very soon after she was trapped, in a very small cage about the size of a dining room table, she gave birth to two cubs.  In that small cage, the family of leopards lived for 2 years until they were seperated in 2010.  From that point on, the three of them lived in their own small cages because there was no sanctuary or rescue facility that could take them in.  

Recently, Wildlife SOS heard about these leopards and requested that they be transferred to us.  Finally, the leopards were transferred to our facility and now have a much larger space.  However, we are wanting to build each one of them a much larger enclosure so we can provide them a better life.  We would like to provide each leopard with enough space to climb, pounce and of course find many cozy places to relax.  You can help them.  Each enclosure will cost us $8,000 USD to build.

Since 2008, they have languished in a small metal cage.  Their past is too painful to comprehend, but you and I can give them a different future.  Pleaase donate to help this family.

Photo above is of one of the cubs that had never been out of a small cage

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