Bear update of the Month: Kitcha

August 8, 2015 | By dw
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Kitcha is a seven year old male sloth bear at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility. Rescued by Wildlife SOS in 2007 from poachers, when he was just three months old, Kitcha was spared a lifetime of abuse and neglect, for had he been sold to be a ‘dancing’ bear, he would have suffered immensely. He was found tied up and terrified, weighing a pitiful 2.7 kilos and with an ocular discharge suggesting an uncomfortable infection that required immediate medical treatment.

Now, eight years on, Kitcha is all healed up and enjoying his freedom and although too stubborn to get on the weighing scale, he has gained a significant amount of weight and the vets estimate that he is currently between 110 – 120 kilos. He is extremely close to Zulfi and Karadi bears, and spends a majority of his time with these two, although he sometimes prefers to climb up the nearest tree. Kitcha rarely gets into fights with the other residents of his enclosure, and does not get overly defensive about his territory or food.

Kitcha enjoys his meals, particularly honey and dates, although his favourite snack in the summertime is cold, juicy watermelon. The keepers at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility have noticed that Kitcha has a characteristic manner of asking for his food. When he sees the keepers approach his enclosure during mealtimes, he makes loud, excited noises and stands up as if trying to get their attention!

Kitcha is an amusing combination of naughty and smart, and uses his wiles to wreak havoc when he wants to. This rather ingenious bear is the only one at the centre that has learnt to manipulate the gate of his den, so that he can swing it open and run out to play when the keepers are cleaning his enclosure or pond.

Kitcha is a delightful bear to be around and we are thrilled to have him at our centre. His wonderful life has been made possible because of your generosity and support of our work, and it is all thanks to you that Kitcha enjoys the freedom to live and play in acres of his own space with companions, lots of food, professional care and people who love him.

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