Chanchal’s Delhi Belly

September 15, 2013 | By dw
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By Resham Beri,

Chanchal, one of our rescued elephants  is currently under going treatment for a digestive disorder.   We began to worry about her well being yesterday morning when she was uncharacteristically disinterested in food.    When she continued to reject fruits and other food throughout the day, the concern for her health escalated.

The veterinarian was called in and was able to determine that her lack of interest in food was related to a digestive problem which might have been triggered by intaking soil/mud during play time.  She received long hours of intravenous infusions of Dextrose,  normal saline and Ringers’ lactate.  

Her health is improving now and she is eating fruits and fodder once again.  Her energy level is also increasing and we are expecting her to be playing and back to her usual self by tomorrow.




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