Christmas Surprise! Cobra On a Bike!

September 5, 2013 | By dw
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By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

What would stop you from getting home to a warm couch on a chilly winter evening?? Perhaps a four foot cobra sitting on your bike!!!

Our Christmas Surprise was a call that came from the Delhi Metro Rail Depot when an employee jumped off his bike after hearing a hiss from the engine. Mr. Shekar, an employee of the Delhi Metro Rail Cooperation was about to jump on his bike and get to his warm home after a long work day, when he heard a hiss from his bike. He wondered what in the world that sound could be and bent down to check where the sound had come from. He screamed and moved away from his bike when he saw a spectacled Cobra coiled up on his engine, warming itself!

The cold wave in Delhi has not only affected the humans but animals too. We have heard of birds entering houses and monitor lizards in kitchens, but a Cobra on a bike engine was a first. As the workers were waiting for our team to arrive at the site, a few over enthusiastic workers started throwing freezing cold water on the snake in an attempt to move it out of the bike. The complaining cobra disturbed from his warm perch, was slowly moving away as our team arrived and shifted it gently into a warm transport box while explaining to the employees that the reptile is always more terrified of humans, than they were of reptiles The owner of the bike, by now visibly relieved to have the possession of his bike back, and after checking his bike one last time for more hissing cobras, sat gingerly on his bike and proceeded homewards.

The cobra was given a special UV heat lamp in its vivarium to help it recover from the cold water treatment meted out to it before the rescue team could reach there and is currently under observation. It will be released far away from warm bikes and hopefully will stay out of mischief for the rest of this winter.

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