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September 6, 2014 | By dw
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Right after Raju’s rescue happened, those of us at Wldlife SOS were extremely touched by the overwhelming support that came in from around the world to help Raju. One day in July, somebody started the conversation on Facebook that a benefit concert should happen for Raju. Barbara immediately jumped into the conversation and offered to make a record for Raju. It has been less then two months, and already she has organized a record that was released on September 1 and is already hitting the top 10 in some countries. We are speechless with what she has achieved and asked if she would write something for our website about why she did this. Below are her words!

Sobel Promotions is one of the biggest Dance Music Promotion companies in the USA representing some of the hottest acts. What makes us different is our dedication to charity and giving back. I feel that being in the public eye, we need to use our celebrity power and talent to help those less fortunate. One way that we do this is by donating our time and doing what we do best. Making music and putting out charity singles. Our last single for the Blind Cat Rescue hit top 10 on charts around the world.

Truthfully, I don’t remember how the story of Raju first came across my desk. How it got there isn’t as important as that it got there. I am a huge animal lover and love them more than most humans. I was deeply touched that a gentle animal can be tortured for 50 years. His entire life shackled and tortured. It is unfathomable the mental anguish Raju must have gone through. I then read and saw the photos of those chains and spikes being taken off of Raju for the first time as he tasted freedom. I saw photos of his happiness eating good food and being able to take a swim free for the first time in his life. It got me thinking of Raju’s parents. His siblings? Did he ever know them? Did have any notion of what it was like to be free? It also got me thinking of the deeper meaning of what happened to Raju and his freedom and how so many can relate to his strife. The Domestic Violence victim who leaves their abuser and for the first time wakes up in a bed safe. African Slaves whose shackles have been removed and are told YOU ARE FREE. A person with mental illness whose medication kicks in and for the first time FEELS GOOD. You see, as humans we all have our shackles and there is freedom when they are removed.

I knew I had to do something to celebrate his freedom… not just for Raju but what his freedom means to all of humanity and the HOPE it gives to all humanity.

I don’t cook, I don’t sew, I don’t draw. What I do is promote music. Heck, I can’t even make the music. However, I do have “The Best Of The Best” artists, remixers, producers and dj’s in the world on my roster and I went to them with my idea to do what we do best a charity record.

Immediately, Lucius Lowe from the UK stepped up to the plate to write, produce and do a remix of the song. Kevin Lehnberg a newcomer to the music scene from Sweden stepped in to lay down vocals. Then an international remix team signed on to remix the single for free showing the magnitude of this story and how Raju touched all – Julian Marsh (USA), Mike Jolly (Singapore), Joe Gillan (USA), Mr. Sharman (UK), Jose Jimenez (Venezuela), Dvj Entice (Our Military Man from the USA just back from Afghanistan) Ian Ford (USA) and a new comer to my promotion company Krovac (South Africa.) Recording artist Eric Alan also stepped in to help out. I contacted Raju’s owners at Wildlife S.O.S and told them my plan and the rest, as they say is history.

The single was completed and recorded in one month with an entire remix package. Unheard of in the music business. The chorus cries out Raju’s past and how he is now free. “Raju Raju brave the spikes. Raju Raju hold onto life. Raju Raju the day will come when all the hurts undone”

While we were getting ready for our release, we learned that Raju’s former owners were trying to get Raju back and put him back in spikes. As I watched this happening I got to thinking. Raju has a greater purpose in life. He is here for a reason. First his reason was to show others hope. Now, by his owners wanting him to give up his freedom and go back into chains he is showing us exactly what his happening in the world today. Women’s rights are being taken away. Homosexual’s rights are being taken away. Religious rights are being taken away. The world is moving backwards not forwards.

I have no doubt Raju will stay free from the chains because Wildlife S.O.S will fight for him as well as the entire world.

Raju has a higher purpose in this life. He is the symbol of freedom and hope. Something the entire world needs right now as we fall apart.

Sobel Promotions is proud and honored to present Lucius Lowe & Kevin Lehnberg – Raju (Stand Tall). A charity single for Wildlife S.O.S. A single not just to celebrate the freedom of Raju, but also to celebrate the freedom of the entire world and hopefully everybody will be able to say some day “The day has come, he is free!

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