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Iconic celebrities from around the world like the Barbi Twins are now asking people to help working and performing elephants like Bijlee who past away Sunday morning near Mumbai, India.

It was legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan who essentially launched this campaign through an appeal to animal welfarist to come to the aid of one suffering begging street elephant last week that started this movement.

It was legendary Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan who essentially launched this campaign through an appeal to animal welfarist to come to the aid of one suffering begging street elephant last week that started this movement.

New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, June 30, New Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, June 30, 2013 /India PRwire/ — Earlier this week the National Geographic Society’s online editorial news publication News Watch published a tribute to Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan by India’s largest wildlife conservation and animal welfare organization, Wildlife SOS.

The tribute recognized the Bollywood icon for bringing attention to one 54 year old suffering female Asian elephant — “Bijlee”— who was fighting for her life in critical condition on the side of the road in a suburb of Mumbai, India.

Unfortunately, Bijlee died early Sunday morning after her condition progressively worsened and in her last day she remained in a recumbant position and only able to be repositioned with the help of a crane. A postmortem examination will be conducted shortly.

Renowned animal activists and iconic calendar models the Barbi Twins (Shane and Sia) said “Wild animals do not belong in captivity nor should they be kept as a form of human entertainment. We start to see unnatural dejenerative diseases and injuries and shortened lifespans manifest in these captive elephants. They also live with extreme and painful arthritis and depression in small or inadequate quarters or abused by private owners. Condoning the exploitation of animals, including elephants for profit, will always be detrimental to the best interest of animals like Bijlee. We are so sorry to learn of her passing. ”

According to the Barbi Twins, “Working elephants whether they are in circuses here in the US or begging on the streets of India deserve a better life. We praise India for recently putting an end to the confinement of marine mammals, and hope that they will lead the world again by ending the practices associated with working and performing elephants. The Barbi Twins have also been supporters of Born Free and Best Friends Animal Society campaigns.

Ken Wahl, an award winning former film and television star from Los Angeles, “Said that not only are Asian elephants endangered, but they are an iconic species and I believe India will choose to do what’s best for these beautiful giants, as India is a country that cares about its animals.”

Half of approximately 4000 domesticated or captive Indian elephants, a subspecies of Asian elephant are working animals like Bijlee and most succumb to a fate similar to hers. In 2012, “Sunder”, an Indian elephant, was released from a temple in Kolhapur after UK and US superstars Sir Paul McCartney and Pamela Anderson demanded relocation of the elephant.

Bijlee, a former begging elephant is under the care of one of Wildlife SOS’s senior wildlife veterinarians. The CEO of the animal welfare and rescue charity Kartick Satyanarayan said, “We deployed Dr. Yaduraj nearly 10 days ago from our Agra- based facilities where he has been working with both bears and elephants.”

Earlier this week, Mr. Satyanarayan visited Bijlee personally to assess her condition and said, “Our entire Wildlife SOS team is very concerned about Bijlee’s rapidly declining health.” Dr. Yaduraj who radiographed Bijlee said, “Her condition remains critical and her prognosis is not good.” He also said, “Long term and continuous neglect and abuse by her owner has had a profoundly negative impact on her health.” He suspected she might pass this week and unfortunately she has.

The plight of working elephants in India like the late Bijlee is often quite disturbing. And the future is not much brighter for wild elephants as noted in the National Geographic article: “As human-dominated landscapes continue to accommodate more people, as a consequence of continued population growth, elephants and other species are relegated to roam the only secure wild lands on the Indian Subcontinent-protected parks and wildlife sanctuaries.”

Although Wildlife SOS is committed to conserving wild elephants and mitigating human-elephant conflict, right now they are dedicated to caring for eight rescued elephants. These pachyderms under human care include some former begging elephants at their Elephant Intensive Care Facility— “Elephant Haven” near Agra and their larger 400 acre and more recently constructed Elephant Rescue and Conservation Center in Haryana, India. The new Haryana facility is managed in collaboration with the state’s Forest Department with support from the Government of India’s Project Elephant.

Mr. Satyanarayan said, “Both captive and wild elephants are in trouble, in fact they are endangered. Hundreds of working elephants succumb to abuse and neglect by private owners everyday.” He went on to say that “Last week, a herd of wild elephants entered a school in Bangalore, which posed a threat not only to people, but possibly to the elephants themselves, this incident could have escalated, resulting in retaliatory killings of the wild elephants.

Human-elephant conflict and working elephant welfare issues persists throughout India and is a growing concern for conservationists and welfarists alike. For thousands of years working elephants were used in labor activities like logging, military activities and transportation, but such service needs of elephants were essentially rendering obsolete following the Industrial Revolution. With that said elephants continue to be exploited on the streets of India where they are forced to beg on the streets, in temples and perform in marriages or circuses.

Wildlife SOS recognized Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for bringing attention to Bijlee’s plight last week that drew national and international attention to the unfortunate lives of begging elephants in India.

To further the cause Wildlife SOS launched their “Save India’s Begging Elephant” petition to help these working street elephants and extinguish the practice, as they have nearly done for dancing street bears. The organization has specifically appealed to other celebrities to come to the aid of begging elephants as Mr. Bachchan graciously did last week in his appeal to recruit help for Bijlee.

Mr. Satyanarayan said, “Our whole Wildlife SOS family hopes that Bijlee did not die in vain.”

Please donate at http://www.wildlifesos/donate

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