Meet Pepper Bear!

May 28, 2014 | By dw
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By Kadambari Atri

Pepper was rescued from Badoi village in Uttar Pradesh on 21st March 2010. He was a 3 month old cub that barely weighed 6.1 kilograms. Pepper was a lucky cub as he was rescued by our Anti-poaching team at the right time, just a little before the Kalandar owner had set a date to brutally pierce his muzzle and smash his canines. Pepper was a lucky bear to have escaped all that brutality compared to some of his enclosure friends who suffered for years together before they were rescued.

Today, Peper is a part of a group of young bears who are filled with energy and enthusiasm. He is a strong fellow, weighing 101 kilograms at 4 years of age. He loves his daily porridge and fruits, dates being his favorite treat.

He is a happy bear and gets along with all the bears of his enclosure, except for Gambhir bear. Gambhir is always eyeing Pepper’s food during the feeding time and it leads to Pepper being highly annoyed with him. Peppers best buddies are Valmiki and Peanut bear. They are his partners in crime when the enrichment has to be demolished. The three of them also love mock-wrestling and enjoy each other’s company digging and chasing peacocks together.

Pepper is a very notorious bear who does not like any strangers except his keeper Surendra with whom he loves to play. Every time Surendra comes inside the enclosure for cleaning or maintenance, Pepper follows him wherever he goes. If for any reason another keeper is sent to his enclosure Pepper makes his feelings quite clear. Pepper is an intelligent bear and we are so happy to have him with us at
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