Monitor Lizard Rescued from Mob

December 4, 2009 | By dw
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Monitor lizard
It was a blistering hot day in the outskirts of Delhi. The roads were a blur of fast moving cars, all honking their way to their destinations. A few people sat on the cement fanning themselves. On the side of the roads were ice cream vendors, rickshaw pullers and construction workers. And –a 3′ Monitor Lizard trying to scale the wall of a building!!

While this type of lizard can climb almost any wall, workers soon noticed him making his way up and were frightened that he may be poisonous and could attack. They began to pelt him with stones. A passer-by called Wildlife SOS and a rescue team got underway within minutes. They arrived at the scene and picked up the terrified-and harmless-lizard. He had sustained some cuts and bruises. After the team explained to the crowd what to do when a wild animal finds its way into the city (call Wildlife SOS and don’t throw stones!!), they took the lizard back to headquarters to treat his injuries.

Another successful rescue!

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