Raju is making friends and having fun

August 12, 2014 | By dw
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Raju was rescued a little over one month ago.  After 50 years in chains, he is now learning the joys of being free and is getting the love and care he deserves.  Here is a photo journal of some of these highlights.

One of the first things Raju needed was veterinary care to the wounds that covered his body.  The wounds on his body were from chains and other torture tools that were used to keep him scared and tame.  Many of these wounds had never been allowed to heal and had become chronic.  We suspect some of the wounds he had had for several years.

Raju was not initially allowed in the water; however, once the medical team felt comfortable it would not complicate his healing, he was encouraged to get in the pool.   He was a little nervous at first to get in the water; however, he quickly started to submerge his whole body and his was often barely visible.

Its a bird, a sea creature…No its Raju deep in the water having lotsa fun_0Raju has been spoiled in the pool and often gets baskets of treats while he is playing in the water.  It is hard to tell what his favorite foods are, he seems to love all the varieties he is offered.

A few weeks after he came to the elephant center, it was time to let him interact with the other elephants in the herd.  He has been welcomed by the rest of the elephant family.  Five females especially have been eager to make his acquaintance.  🙂

Although the pools are not very big, Raju and a few of the other elephants find a way to squeeze in together.

The next few weeks and months we will continue to build on the progress he has made.  We will continue to work to increase his strength and to help him put on some weight.  His walks should also increase in length.

Raju has you to thank for his freedom.  Thank you for caring for him and helping to bring him some happiness in his life.

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