The rescue of Bhola, a blind elephant

February 16, 2011 | By dw
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BholaThis blind elephant named Bhola (meaning – “the innocent one”) was recently the victim of an accident…hit by a truck, he suffered major injuries and veterinary help to just survive. The Wildlife SOS Delhi Elephant Welfare team provided treatment on the spot and continued with it by the roadside until we realized that Bhola would not survive if we did not rescue him, take him in, and give him TLC and a lot of veterinary care and rest.

We just could not watch Bhola suffer any longer. Any delay on our part would simply lead to his death as he needed to receive extensive and specialised veterinary treatment and care without further delay.

Bhola being transported to safetyWildife SOS working closely with the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department and the U.P. Police worked for several days at a stretch to pull off what was a very complicated rescue operation. The rescue was supported by One Voice Association France, Joan Pearson and Humane Society Australia, all of who have been at the forefront of the Elephant cause led by Wildlife SOS. Without the continued support and commitment of these kind donors Wildlife SOS would not have been able to come to the aid of either Champa or Bhola.

Bhola was finally transferred to the Elephant Haven in Agra with the permission of the Forest Department and on the basis of a court order. The operation which took place through the dead of the night – between midnight and 5 am involved the use of several unmarked vehicles, trucks and several security personnel to ensure the safety of Bhola and his escorting team from Wildlife SOS (watch video of Bhola being transported to our sanctuary.)

Bhola is now in the care of Wildlife SOS under the supervision of the DFO Agra of the U.P. Forest Department. The resident female elephant, Champa, who is already in the Wildlife SOS rescue center has generously taken Bhola under her wing and is giving him a lot of attention” said Geeta Seshamani, Wildlife SOS co founder.

Bhola and ChampaShe added, “Champa is delighted to have the company of Bhola who is of course too weak and in too much pain to express any joy at the moment.”

Kartick Satyanarayan, Co founder and chairman of Wildlife SOS said, “We had to step in and act quickly as we were certain that Bhola‘s life was in grave danger if he did not receive immediate veterinary treatment and emergency care. We are very grateful to the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department and the
U.P. Police who were very prompt in acting to facilitate the rescue and
the transportation of Bhola in a timely manner.”

Bhola is 35 years old as per records but he looks more like he is closer to 50 based on his frail and tired body. Bhola is blind yet his owners would beat him to walk him everywhere.

With time, we know that Bhola will heal in both body and spirit, and we hope that he and Champa will be of great comfort to one another.

Bhola will cost us about $75 a day to treat, feed and maintain. Please click here to join our elephant family and support the treatment and care of Bhola.

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