Two Young Bears Rescued

May 31, 2013 | By dw
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The Wildlife SOS Anti poaching team “Forestwatch” rescued two young bears from the border state of Bihar that lies on the Indo Nepal border.

This all night operation that was carried out as a joint operation with the Police, Forest Department and Wildlife SOS resulted in the rescue of two young bears aged 18 and 30 months. A poacher who was attempting to smuggle the animals into India was arrested and sent to Jail.

The Wildlife SOS Anti poaching Unit “Forestwatch” had been tracking these bears and the people who were trying to smuggle them for several weeks using their intelligence gathering network of informers and decoys.

Once the intelligence was confirmed, Wildlife SOS shared the intelligence with the authorities to launch the operation and ensure the perpetrator could be arrested before he could sell the young bears.

Both bears have had their muzzles pierced and their teeth smashed and have been trained as dancing bears, in preparation for a lifetime of torture.

It is hoped that these two bears will be transferred to the Agra Bear Rescue Facility for life time care so that they can enjoy specialized care in the world’s largest bear sanctuary for sloth bears.

The younger bear is female and the older one is male.

The Forestwatch Antipoaching unit of Wildlife SOS is supported by Hauser Bears, One Voice and HSI Australia

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