Wild leopard rescued from South Delhi

February 6, 2013 | By dw
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In a dramatic seven hour long rescue operation by NGO’s Wildlife SOS and Friendicoes SECA with the cooperation of the Delhi Police and the Fire Department, an injured adult leopard was rescued from South Delhi’s chattarpur area.

The wild leopard possibly from the forested aravalli hills was spotted leaping onto a high wall of a farm house in Chattarpur DLF farms by a security guard. The leopard in an attempt to scale the 15 foot wall got impaled on the metal spikes and grill on the wall top and was trapped helplessly for a long time. The animal was clearly in pain.

At 130 AM on 5th February the Delhi Police contacted the Wildlife SOS Helpline 9871963535 and a team of trained rescue members from Wildlife SOS along with Dr.Prabhakaran of Friendicoes SECA with rescue equipment arrived at the location.

The Delhi Zoo was not contactable initially and therefore Wildlife SOS arranged to get a leopard transport cage from their rescue center in Gurgaon and the team worked in the pouring rain to tranquilize the leopard and remove it from a 15 foot high wall and transport it to the safety of the veterinary hospital in the Delhi Zoo.

“This leopard in south Delhi clearly indicates that there is serious conflict between humans and leopards in this region. Destruction of their habitat displaces these big cats and they are left with nowhere to go. Delhi Police Officer Lakram Singh was present during the entire operation and we are grateful for the support of the Police” said Geeta Seshamani, Co founder of Wildlife SOS

Dr Prabhakaran of Friendicoes said “the leopard is very severely injured as the metal spikes have completely impaled the front and rear leg and it is in a serious condition. The bone and the muscles are exposed on the rear leg and the other legs are also injured from the animal struggling in an attempt to escape. The animal is in a grave condition and requires extensive treatment. We have given it tetanus vaccination and painkillers. We hope it recovers and survives”

The Wildlife SOS and Friendicoes Team transported the rescued leopard along with a Delhi Police Vehicle escort to the Delhi Zoo whereDr Paneerselvam and Range Officer Manoj Kumar coordinated the housing of the leopard in the Veterinary hospital.

The Wildlife SOS Helpline works with the guidance of the Chief Wildlife Warden Delhi and the Delhi WIldlife Dept to rescue wildlife in distress.


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