Wildlife SOS Organises Wetlands Restoration Project

February 22, 2011 | By dw
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Wildlife SOS is organising a 15 day Habitat Management Project in RamDurga near Hampi, Karnataka. Starting on February 14th and continuing up til the 28th February 2011, the project includes creation of water bodies, water harvesting, water management, etc.


RamDurga Valley is located adjacent to some protected Forest Reserve land that is home to leopards, sloth bears, wolves, the star tortoise, indian pangolins, civets, many incredible bird species, and so much more! A nearby lake serves as a major water source that requires animals to cross agricultural lands to access. This has led to animal-human conflict and the needless death of many animals. To address this situation we have purchased 35 acres bordering this forest land as the first step of a bio-corridor linking this area with the lake. A field station will also be established to comprehensively study all aspects of the local environment. This will include all plants, soil, animals, wildlife rescue, habitat, habitat restoration and habitat creation for wildlife rehabilitation, sanctuary, and breeding. As a first step in creating this field station a large pond and wetlands will be built, both as a secure and safe alternative water source for wildlife and to fulfil many habitat needs for multiple species. This wetland will be the seed that grows the field station both physically and in fulfilling its mission.

This wetland is the first step of a recently begun Permaculture design process. As a research and observation facility this design will be an expression of and a detailed physical structuring for creating the field station and implementing its mission. Much of the hands-on design work will be done concurrently with the above wetlands installation. Permaculturalist Richard Rico Zook and his team will lead both processes, with a primary focus on finishing the wetlands construction.

Volunteers Are Welcome


All volunteers must work as part of their program. Though there will be much physical work to do while volunteering, there will also be some work with minimal to no physical stress. However, know that site conditions are primitive, the area remote, and the environment semi wild. This is a great opportunity to both do actual hands-on work directly benefiting wildlife long term and learning deeper understandings and practical approaches to sustainability. While not a design course, there will be a variety of design activities happening. Volunteers will be assisting in this process as best suits their skills and the process need full. Long afternoon breaks and evening’s slow relaxation will be time for learning, discussions and wandering conversations. Topics will include: permaculture basics (principles, flows, patterns, Zonation), site analysis, water, soil, plants and cropping, animal systems, appropriate technology, invisible structures (economic, cultural, social, and political systems), design, and local to global sustainability.

This will be a warm to hot time of year. The site is very rural India, with Hampi, a UN World Heritage site, as well as a major pilgrim and tourist destination, over an hour away.  Accommodation will be a tents and the food is basic vegetarian. All volunteers will have to bring their own sleeping bed. There will be a local work crew as the core of our construction team. Clothes can be lightweight, but not sheer or see-through.  The volunteer should be in good physical condition.

Want to volunteer? Send an email to: volunteer@wildlifesos.org




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