Agra Bear Rescue Facility

February 24, 2010 | By dw
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At Agra each rescued Bear undergoes a 90 day quarantine period, during which he or she is given a complete health check up for diseases, wounds and parasites and also is vaccinated against rabies.

After the quarantine period, the bears have access to large socialization enclosures where the behaviour & personality of each bear is closely monitored by the Wildlife SOS vets & staff. The enclosures ensures bears interacting with each other. Based on each bear’s personality, they are then moved to large free ranging areas in well matched groups.

Wildlife SOS has three full time Wildlife Veterinary Doctors and a dedicated team of Bear Keepers to care for the rescued bears. The Bear Hospital is equipped with a laboratory in addition to essential equipment like X-ray, Dental suite, Operation Theater and other equipment needed to meet the requirement of Bear care.

The Agra Bear Rescue Facility runs with the long term commitment of our international partners IAR-UK, FTB-Australia, One Voice, France. We are extremely grateful to our individual donors and supporters, with whose support we are able to help the bears and the Kalandars.

Wildlife SOS has also rescued many bear cubs from poachers and hunters who supply cubs to the Kalandar Bear Dancers. Our dedicated anti-poaching team, thanks to the support of Muriel Arnal and One Voice Association France, tracks poachers and monitors poaching routes, trade points and underground markets for bear cubs throughout the year. A special cub weaning area in the Bear Sanctuary is dedicated to foster baby bears rescued from poachers since these cubs require a lot of careful attention during the early months.

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