An Update On Little Rose

February 25, 2016 | By wildlife@dmin
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As the early rays of the sun make their way through the thick canopy of trees at the Van Vihar Bear Rescue Centre, one can hear the jingling of pots and pans as the cooks begin to prepare a hearty breakfast for our sloth bears.

With a sleepy yawn and half opened eyes, baby Rose stumbles out of her cosy bed and steps outside her den in search of her keeper who is waiting with a steaming bowl of porridge. It is hard to believe that this is the same scared little cub that had first entered their lives a few months ago.

Following her heart breaking rescue, Rose has proven to be quite strong and we are proud to see her striving to overcome her injury. Barely three months old, Rose has not let her spirit fade and is showing definite signs of improvement both physically and psychologically.

As she is undergoing intensive treatment for her severed left fore-paw, she will have to spend a few more months in quarantine. Though initially wary of the vets, over time she has realised that they pose no threat to her and are in fact there to help ease her pain. She now patiently lets them change the dressing on her leg twice a day and continues to be on anti-inflammatory medication.

Rose now consumes three meals a day and has developed a fondness for honey and fruits such as pomegranates, apples and grapes. She sleeps peacefully through the course of the night, knowing that her keeper is giving her company just outside her den and has become accustomed to her new surroundings. She has started playing with the structural enrichments in her enclosure which has the added benefit of keeping her active. Once she completes her time in isolation, she will be introduced to the socializing pen where she will be able to interact with the other bears.

Dr. Niraj, our senior veterinarian is amazed to see her progress, as Rose is no longer dependent on her muzzle or her severed right leg for support and is walking around comfortably on three legs. Her sheer determination to adapt and survive exemplifies the enduring spirit of the Asiatic sloth bear.

However, Dr. Niraj has not been able to conduct an X-ray of Rose’s injury yet, as she is still quite weak and needs to be stable -health wise, for him to put her through the procedure. According to him, the X-ray will help determine how much of her leg was affected in her accident, based on which a decision can be made regarding the possibility of fitting her with a prosthetic leg.

It will take a considerable amount of time for Rose to fully recover from all the pain and trauma that she has faced in the past, but we are there for her at every step of the way by giving her all the love and care that she truly deserves. You can help support our lovely little girl by donating for her care and treatment.

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