Bear of the Month: Bizi

September 23, 2015 | By dw
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Bizi is an 8 year old male sloth bear, currently residing at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility. ABRF has been Bizi’s home ever since he was rescued by Wildlife SOS, before being sold to a member of the Kalandar tribe into an agonizing life as a dancing bear. Luckily, Wildlife SOS found Bizi in time, before his teeth could be broken and his muzzle crudely and painfully pierced. At the time of his rescue, Bizi weighed a little less than 2 kilos, and was a frightened, timid cub.

Eight years on, Bizi weighs around 108 kilos, and he is so playful and energetic, one would never imagine how apprehensive and shy he was as a cub. This fun-loving bear has managed to stay amiable with all his furry companions and has no enemies in the enclosure. His closest friends are Ravi, Giri and Muskan, and he spends most of his time in playful tussles with them or wandering about his enclosure foraging and digging up termite mounds. Bizi is quick, and can run faster than any other bear in his enclosure. He runs fastest when he realizes his food is being served!

Bizi absolutely relishes his regular porridge meal and can be heard noisily and gleefully slurping it up from quite a distance away. He relaxes after his meals with a quick snooze, which is the only time during the day that he is calm and peaceful. Otherwise Bizi plays on the enrichments in his enclosures and runs around in the extensive forested areas in his enclosure.

Despite the amount of time he spends on the enrichments and happily swaying on his swing, Bizi’s notorious destructive streak kicks in at random moments and he goes about breaking all the enrichments and swings, as if to demand new ones be built for him!

Bizi is happy and healthy, and seems to enjoy his free life at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility to the fullest.
This wonderful life, with lots of food, fun and doting caregivers, is only possible because of your generosity, and we are so grateful to you for the same.

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