Bear of the Month- Butterball

May 14, 2015 | By dw
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Butterball, a female sloth bear was rescued by Wildlife SOS almost twelve years ago, when she was ten-months old and weighed only 34 kilos. She was destined to be a dancing bear with a Kalandar family but, thanks to the Wildlife SOS anti-poaching team, today she lives a safe and happy life of freedom.  All the mistreatment, starvation and trauma she underwent is in the past.

This feisty twelve year old has gained nearly 76kg since her arrival at ABRF all those years ago, making her among the healthiest female bears in our care. Butterball has developed a tendency to use her size to her advantage when bullying the other bears. Unlike most sloth bears that are rescued when somewhat older, Butterball’s canines are still intact, so the bears with whom she shares her enclosure dare not interfere with her. She can be seen sleeping during the day, under bamboo or enrichments put up for her by the volunteers. She is the first to enter the feeding den during mealtimes and, quickly finishing the meals that she has come to relish, runs back outside. Butterball prefers the male bears, in particular Chotu and Vishnu, but avoids the females. She has developed a fondness for cookies which she sometimes gets as treats.

It is only with the support of invaluable sponsors like yourself that Wildlife SOS can continue rescuing animals like Butterball and giving them a safer, happier life. We thank you for your ongoing commitment to our organization and to the conservation and care of the sloth bears.

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