Bear Of The Month: Ganesha !

June 26, 2015 | By dw
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Ganesh is a 19 year old male sloth bear who has been living at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility since being rescued by Wildlife SOS from Uttar Pradesh eleven years ago. At the time of his rescue, Ganesha was in dire straits- besides having had his muzzle pierced and canines broken like all dancing bears, the poor animal was also completely blind and showed signs of exceptionally poor immunity.

Eleven years on, Ganesha has made a miraculous recovery and seems to thrive on his healthy trauma free life at the facility. He weighs 123 kilos and has adapted quite well, in spite of his lack of eye sight. He has become particularly adept at navigating his way around his enclosure and making full use of the structural enrichments in the enclosure, especially designed for our blind bears. Ganesha can often be observed playing excitedly with a ball or on a swing, especially after meals. He can often be seen splashing about in his water trough, preferring it to the larger pool in his enclosure.

He is fond of his keepers and he remains one of the most uncontroversial animals in our care and chooses to actively avoid confrontation with any of the other bears. His closest companions include Rocky, Goldie and Chameli, and the closest he comes to getting into fights is his mock tussles with Chameli, who takes great pleasure in playfully bullying her friend.

Ganesha is an undeniable foodie and could possibly eat all day, if given the chance! He thrives on honey based enrichments and thoroughly enjoys coconut and mango treats given to him in the summer.

Ganesha is happy and free, living a life that has been made possible because of your generosity and support.

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