Five Cubs Keeping Us Busy

April 8, 2011 | By dw
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tiny sloth bear cub 

The Wildlife SOS team is busy playing nursemaid these days! With 3 loud, energetic cubs at the Agra centre and another 2 boisterous boys at the Bannerghata Centre the place is buzzing with joy and cheer. The Agra boys – Neelkantha, Vidur, Yogi were rescued through an anti-poaching operation in Bihar while the Bannerghata boys – Kuber and Nakul were rescued from Gubbi range of Tumkur district, Karnataka. Sadly it is suspected that their mother was killed in the wild.

All 5 boys are doing well and have settled down at the Bear Sanctuaries. And are already on way to developing their own individual personalities.

sloth bear cub drinking milk

Among the Agra kids Neelkanth is the biggest and the strongest. Friendly and a voracious eater he is easily the leader of the trio. He likes to treat the others as his juniors as can be seen from his using them as a mattress and sleeping on top of them. He is also the first to reach out for everything – whether food, toys or any enrichment.

Vidur is the wise one and the diplomat. He has accepted Neelkanth as his leader and lives in his shadow. He happily deals with whatever the other two throws at him and is forever the mediator.

Yogi is the youngest and the smallest of the three. He is usually the most bullied but still prefers to cling to the others. He treats them like his security blanket and follows whatever the others do. He gets easily intimidated and scared and starts crying when Neelkanth growls. The last to eat and the most slow in eating Yogi has to be protected from the others by the keepers during meal times.

cheeky sloth bear cub

In Bannerghata the team is happily entertained by the antics of Kuber and Nakul, whose curiosity for just about everything around makes for an interesting time. Both are at the stage where all they do is explore, sleep and eat. Out of the pair Kuber is the stronger one with the dominant streak. He wins all fights between the two except when it comes to feeding. Food tends to bring out all the wild fighting instincts in Nakul and Kuber is wise enough to give him a wide berth during meals.

curious sloth bear cub

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