Precious Four Retirement FAQ

January 13, 2017 | By dw
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We have received many questions from our supporters regarding the Precious Four since the announcement of their retirement. We are grateful for your concern and would like to try to address your questions with the FAQ below. Thank you again for your compassion regarding these beautiful elephants who have suffered so much.

Is there any chance the Precious Four will eventually come to you?
We are overjoyed that the Precious Four have found some comfort and joy in retirement, that they will no longer be abused and forced to perform in a circus, or run the risk of being separated from each other. But our concern for their welfare remains. Should we at any time see evidence or feel that the Precious Four’s care and welfare are being compromised, we will not hesitate to request that the authorities move them to the Elephant Conservation and Care Centre.

What’s happening with the court case?
The court case for custody of the Rambo Circus elephants is ongoing, and we will continue to fight for justice for these elephants that have suffered so much abuse in the circus. At the hearing on December 29, 2016, the court issued a notice to the accused in the Rambo Circus case, as well as a notice to the Forest Department and the police, to file independent verified reports regarding the incident where one of the elephants ran rampant in a crowded industrial/residential area after escaping from the circus premises where the elephants were being housed on September 7, 2016. In court, our lawyers requested cancellation of Rambo Circus’s ownership papers. This was challenged by the Rambo Circus lawyers. The date of the next hearing is January 16, 2017.

What about the other animals in the circus?
The other animals are still with the Rambo Circus proprietors, and are being made to perform. Our effort in court aims to address this as well. If the Rambo Circus is found guilty on counts of cruelty, abuse, and violation of law, we hope the Court will grant custody of the dogs, horses, etc. from the circus to local animal shelters, where the animals can retire and recover from their lifetime of abuse.

How do you know the Precious Four will be safe at the farm? Will you keep an eye on them?
At this time, we cannot guarantee that the farm is a safe place for the elephants, or that they will receive all the care they need there. However, we are in the process of getting official permission to visit the elephants at their current holding location to evaluate if they are being well cared for.

Can you help with their medical and general care?
Once we’ve been able to visit the farm and assess the situation, we will be in a better position regarding the Precious Four’s condition there — and assess how we can best make their retired lives better and more comfortable. We’ve been told that this farm has a veterinarian, and we would be more than happy to make contact with that person and assist or advise them on any medical care or management issues regarding the elephants.

How did this compromise come about?
The pressure put on the circus by the court case for the Precious Four eventually led to the circus being forced to acknowledge that they could not provide the elephants with the care they require. Hence the elephants were retired. In addition, the restrictions imposed on elephant performances made the Precious Four a financial liability for the circus in that they could no longer exploit the elephants for money.

Why didn’t the Rambo Circus hand over the elephants to you?
It is possible that the Rambo Circus owner feels unfavorably toward us because we are fighting the court case against him for abusing the elephants.

How do you know the Rambo Circus won’t get new elephants?
The Rambo Circus no longer holds valid performing permits for their elephants. This means that they can never use elephants for performances. It is also illegal to purchase elephants in India. For the above-cited reasons, the Rambo Circus cannot get new elephants.

Is that them in the picture? Is this photo where they are at now?
The photograph in the post about the Precious Four retirement is believed to show Pearl and Ruby, two of the Rambo Circus elephants, in their new retirement home at a farm in the western state of Gujarat.

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