Rescues From The Helpline – November 2023

December 25, 2023 | By Mrunmayee Pawar
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As the curtain fell on November, our Rapid Response Units emerged as unwavering guardians of wildlife, addressing distress calls and undertaking daring rescues. Across Agra, Vadodara, Jammu and Kashmir, and Delhi-NCR, our teams navigated diverse challenges, marking another chapter in our relentless pursuit of wildlife conservation.


During November, the Delhi-NCR Rapid Response Team demonstrated remarkable efforts by rescuing a total of 97 animals consisting of 20 reptiles, 31 mammals, and 46 birds.

A peafowl was rescued from Delhi Cantonment Area. [Photo © Wildlife SOS/ Nikhil Bisht]

Responding to a concerned citizen’s report of an injured peafowl in the Delhi Cantonment Area, our Rapid Response Unit swiftly arrived at the scene. A thorough on-site medical examination revealed a leg injury, prompting the team to take the peafowl under temporary care. Once it recovers, the bird will be released back into its natural habitat.

A black-headed royal snake, rescued from the MCD school premises of Delhi. [Photo © Wildlife SOS/ Nikhil Bisht]

In another startling discovery, the staff members in Delhi NCR stumbled upon a black-headed royal snake slithering within the MCD school premises, Mayur Vihar. The Rapid Response Unit acted quickly, responding with haste, executing a successful rescue operation. After a thorough on-site medical examination conducted by the team, the snake was taken under our case. It was soon released back into the wild after it had completely recovered.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh

In November, the Rapid Response Unit in the bustling city of Agra responded to a large number of calls requesting aid for animals. Our team successfully rescued 99 mammals, 54 reptiles and 20 birds this month, reaching a total number of 173!

crocodile rescued in november
A massive 7-foot-long crocodile was rescued from Firozabad and then released. [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS/Shresatha Pachori]

In a collaborative effort with the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department, Wildlife SOS successfully rescued a 5-foot-long mugger crocodile and a 7-foot-long crocodile found in an agricultural field in Firozabad. The crocodiles, after a thorough medical examination, were released back into the wild.

A 5-foot-long Indian python was rescued by the Rapid Response Unit, from Jalma Institute of Leprosy & Other Mycobacterial Diseases. [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS]

The unexpected presence of a particular species of reptile within educational institutions in Agra led to alarming calls on our 24×7 hotline. A 5-foot-long Indian rock python was discovered in one of the restrooms of Jalma Institute for Leprosy & Other Mycobacterial Diseases. A deft rescue operation ensured that the python was safely secured. After the necessary care, it was released into the wild. 

Similarly, at Sharda World School, an 8-foot-long Indian rock python ventured into the dining area, creating chaos among students. Rapid response by our team resulted in the careful extrication of this snake. It was then returned to the wild after receiving the required care.

Vadodara, Gujarat

The Vadodara Rapid Response Unit demonstrated impressive rescues of 267 wildlife from urban landscapes, which include 50 reptiles, 31 mammals, and 186 birds.

owls rescued in november
Two Bengal eagle owls were saved by the Rapid Response Unit, from falling victim to ritual practices in the Valsad District. [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS]

In yet another heart wrenching incident of November that takes place around the festival of Diwali, 2 poached Bengal eagle-owls were saved by the Wildlife SOS-GSPCA team from Valsad district, Gujarat. These majestic owls were found confined within wooden crates, and were on their way to being traded for ritualistic practices based on unfounded beliefs.

A 4.5-foot-long mugger crocodile rescued by our Rapid Response Unit, in Harini. [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS]

One particular night in November kept our Rapid Response Unit on its toes with two back-to-back rescues involving a 4.5-foot mugger crocodile in Harini and a 2-foot-long mugger crocodile in Lalbaug.

Jammu and Kashmir

In Jammu and Kashmir, our vigilant team navigated challenging terrains to rescue 5 reptiles and 2 birds this November.

rat snake rescues
Rat snake rescued from carriage auto, being released into the wild. [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS]

Snakes seek warmth and shelter and therefore slither into unexpected places like automobiles. Our team was able to retrieve a rat snake from a carriage auto, and safely return it to its habitat. 

bird rescued in november
A white-throated kingfisher that flew into a home, was aided and released by the Rapid Response Unit of Jammu and Kashmir. [Photo (c) Wildlife SOS]

In a rather uncommon incident, a white-throated kingfisher had flown into the home of a local resident through an open window. Thanks to the quick thinking of the concerned boy, our team was able to reach the location to rescue the bewildered bird. After a quick on-site inspection and first-aid, the kingfisher was released back into the wild. 

How can you help?

Wildlife SOS is grateful for unwavering support of the public, which has allowed it to save many lives with prompt  rescues. Timely calls continue to make a significant impact on their well-being. Beyond this, Wildlife SOS actively conducts awareness and training programmes to involve locals in wildlife conservation and prevent human-wildlife conflict. In case you come across an injured or suffering animal in your locality, we urge you to reach out to the nearest forest department. You can contact our Rapid Response Unit on our 24×7 helplines if you are based in the following regions: 

Delhi – NCR : +91 871963535

Agra : +91 9917109666

Vadodara : +91 9825011117

Jammu and Kashmir : +91 7006692300, +91 9419778280

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