Titli -The Bell Ringer

October 31, 2012 | By dw
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By Vinay Datla

Titli was an 8 month old bear cub when she was rescued from Mirzapur. She is now two and half years old and she has been with us for more than a year. She is now like a butterfly with fully grown wings. Her muzzle wound is hardly visible and is just a scar now. She sports a fully grown thick and fluffy black coat.
In the cub enclosure with 10 other Bears Titli is friendly with everyone; however,  Valmiki is still her closest friend.  She loves her keeper Surendhar and once he enters the enclosure to clean it or to repair the enrichments she likes to be with him and walks close behind him inquisitively nosing the things in his hand. She weighed a meager 24 KG when she came to rescue center and now with the motherly care of Wildlife SOS she weighs 74 KG, a whopping 50 KG increase in weight. She likes eating all the fruits, her favorite food being honey, groundnuts and pomegranate.
She is being regularly vaccinated and dewormed. She got her general clinical examination on 05/09/2012 and no abnormality was found from chest radiography and ultrasonic examination of abdominal cavity, her blood test etc.
She likes running around with other bears, playing in the pond and climbing the trees. She mostly likes to climb on trees. She likes climbing the hammocks and can be found resting there with the other bears after her midday meal.

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