Top Fundraisers for 2021

December 7, 2021 | By Kip Peterson
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Throughout the year Wildlife SOS has been fortunate to receive support from nearly 200 supporters who have started their very own fundraising campaigns for wildlife using Facebook’s fundraising tools. We’re incredibly grateful to each and every person who dedicated their birthday, wedding, holidays, or special occasion to wildlife by spreading awareness and raising funds for our life-saving programs. These faithful supporters help make our mission possible! Learn more about starting your own fundraiser that benefits Wildlife SOS.

A jumbo thank you to the Top 5 Fundraisers in 2021!

Judy Ann

Judy has completed several fundraisers for Wildlife SOS and each time we prepare to rescue a needy elephant we can count on her to help spread the word to her community. She’s assisted us in raising over $4000 to rescue Emma, Nina, and most recently, Pari and Ginger. We couldn’t do this important work without people like Judy!

Xavi Barugh & Cara Catchpole

Xavi is a young student residing in the UK, and along with his teacher Cara, have completed multiple fundraisers over the years. From Xavi’s 31-mile “Freedom Walk for Elephants” to his recent “Break The Chain” campaign where he designed special bracelets to help raise awareness for the plight of elephants, he and Cara have raised thousands of dollars for elephants. You can read more about Xavi and his love for elephants in the following blog:

Kate Vernon

Actress and long-time supporter, Kate Vernon, raised over $1000 for wildlife on Earth Day. Her fundraiser is a great example of how you can bring attention to the many threats facing wildlife by starting a fundraising campaign on a day like Earth Day.  

Kathleen Crawford

Kathleen has dedicated her birthday to fundraising for wildlife for several years in a row. In addition to visiting our centers in India, she’s been a constant advocate of our work and we’re blessed to call her an ardent supporter. She’s also a regular donor herself and has a dedication plaque proudly displayed on the Wall of Dreams at the Elephant Hospital.

Christine Melville Kenworthy

In addition to completing a successful Facebook fundraiser for Wildlife SOS, Christine also runs a separate Facebook page called “Treasure Trunk”, which is an online auction where 100% of the proceeds from the sale go directly to benefit Wildlife SOS. We absolutely love this idea from Christine and encourage everyone to check out Treasure Trunk for unique items that help elephants.  

We hope these stories have inspired you to start your own Facebook fundraiser. It’s incredibly easy to start and is a great way to share your passion for wildlife with your community. Just click the link to get see how:

Thank you to all our 2021 fundraisers. We can’t wait to see what you come up with next year!

Anna Salas | Annika Alarik | Antonia Androne Tomovici | Aruna Ravi | Ashlea Newsom | Astrid Finlay | Auralie Orengo | Bailey Bear | Barbara Golder | Barbara Huber | Barbara Mancini | Belinda Prystas Reed | Breanna Watkinson | Brenda Messier | Caren Murray Kleinman | Carla Jo Crauswell | Carmen Gheorghe | Carole Francis | Caroline Hall | Charlene Gohs | Cher Amen | Chris Schmitz | Christine Harold | Cindy Hannah | Cindy Rohrbough | Claram Aram | Claudia Jeff | Colette B. | Conni Adams Riley | Corrine Brush Gosling | Courtney Cody | CY Andersen | Cyd Skelton | Dana Mae Salyer | Dani James Hamilton | Danielle Fowler Bhajaria | Dawn M Stretar | Debbie Haynes | Debbie Zydek | Deborah Demmer | Deborah Price | Diane Valletta | Dmo Dmo | Elaine Cameron | Elaine Fox | Elizabeth Aguirre Keith | Elizabeth Farrelly | Erika Fray | Eva Engel | Eve Cadotte | Fran Mahon | Friede Reed | Geneva Lewis | Gina Dragoi | Glenda Thompson | Hannahbelle Weaver | Heidi Fredly | Helen Woollatt | Helle Williams | Ida Woss Rannkvist | Isabell Frazier | Jean Warburton | Jen Morris | Jenna Lee | Jennifer Jane | Jennifer Weisbrod | Jill Samuelson | Jill Wachter | Joan Kolessar | Joanna Bob | Joanne Matson | Julia Dougherty | Julia Marie Perry-Wheeler | Kae Els | Karen White | Karyn Juziuk Kagel | Kathy Swain | Katy Buxton-Hughes | Kelly Fitch | Ken Kalish | Kenneth Rogers | Kevin Danilowski | Kirsten Ellis | KT Erwin | Lars Lylov | Laura Savill | Laura Wade | Lauren Michaels | Laurie Bergman | Lesa Williams | Lisa Kelly | Lisa Malpas | Lisa Sperry | Lisa Tinker | Lynda Nicholson Jones | Malgosia Holszanska | Mani K Krishnan | Maria Ann Meo Dellaguardia | Mark Prater | Megan Long | Megan Nel | Melek Insan | Melissa DeFabio | Michelle Yenter | Monika Lassakova | Naghaniey Durgaa | Nancy Lowe Hawkins | Nannette Stone | Nasreen China Khan | Nicole Nickisch | Page Beckert | Pascal Batrisey | Patricia Fogg | Patricia McRae Baley | Patty Ann | Paulo Espada | Peter Pintler | Peter Scott | Pradeep De | Preeti Pachaury | Priya Domadia-Bacchus | Rachel D. Mishra | Rachel Filtz | Rajan Paudel | Raymond Moore | Rebecca Mask | Rebecca Soldner | Rene Dirzo | Rosa Fibonacci | Sagnik Chowdhury | Salammba Elson | Sally Ansell | Sam Santiago | Sara Jamal | Sarah Shah | Sean Patrick | Senga Cole | Seth Ammerman | Shasta Rose | Shell Minatha | Shirena Counter | Shomi Glover | Sofia Rodriguez | Sondra York | Stacia Daniel | Stephaine Eriksen | Sue Butler | Sue DiCocco | Susan Middlemiss | Susan Stockton | Susan Witchey | Suzanne Smith | Tabitha DeHart | Tara Gallagher | Tatjana Jeremiah | Tea Hermann | Tej M | Terri L Wasson | Tish Cochrane | Trey Crump | Una Johnston | Vojtonovszki Andrea | Xochitl Altamirano | Yuuka Medoway | Zelda Conradie

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