Wildlife SOS partners with nonprofit video streaming platform Ecoflix

October 5, 2022 | By dw
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Wildlife SOS has partnered with the video streaming service Ecoflix with the goal of educating and inspiring people to take positive action to protect wildlife and restore the planet. The nonprofit platform is privately funded and dedicated to the conservation of nature. The brainchild of American philanthropist and animal advocate, David Casselman, Ecoflix was founded to support and empower positive change to protect the natural world.

“We are very excited to be on the forefront of the visionary platform Ecoflix. Meaningful and informed wildlife documentaries are becoming harder and harder to find, and Ecoflix will bring exclusive Wildlife SOS stories and behind-the-scenes video to a whole new audience,” said Dana Wilson, Director of Marketing and Communication for Wildlife SOS. “As a nonprofit themselves, they’ve invested significant resources in technology and filmmaking, and they’re committed to sharing the vision of the world’s top NGOs”

Ecoflix will bring exclusive documentary style films featuring the work of Wildlife SOS, beginning with “Saving the Dancing Bears” premiering October 12 in celebration of the inaugural World Sloth Bear Day.

Ecoflix founder and CEO David Casselman said that Wildlife SOS is not only a valued partner, but is also the subject of several more documentaries now in production. The work of Wildlife SOS proves that when amazing people set their hearts and minds to the important work of rescuing animals, there is no limit to the positive good that can be done.

“Through their tireless efforts, Wildlife SOS has ended the horrific and cruel practice of using rare Indian Sloth bears to “dance” for money, all while extending their work to develop and pursue campaigns to save elephants, leopards, tigers and every other animal under siege in India,” Casselman said. “Wildlife SOS has demonstrated the power for good that mankind can represent on our planet. We cannot thank them enough for their amazing, selfless work!”

Educators Get Free Access to Ecoflix

As part of the Ecoflix mission to “help educate, inspire and support the next generation to be the tangible, measurable difference in saving animals and restoring the planet,” the video streaming service is available to educators for no charge. Teachers are encouraged to share the ever-growing library of educational content developed specifically for kids and teens.

Saving the Dancing Bears Premieres October 12

To watch the new Ecoflix film “Saving the Dancing Bears,” Wildlife SOS supporters can sign up for 3 days of Ecoflix service for FREE. Subscription revenues go directly to support the lifesaving work of Wildlife SOS. Also, look for three upcoming films about our work with leopards, leopard rescue, and covering deadly open wells. This films are currently in production

Learn more about the inaugural World Sloth Bear Day October 12, 2022

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