Celebrating International Artists Day!

October 25, 2015 | By wildlife@dmin
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With the dab of a paintbrush or the stroke of a pencil, an artist brings to life an elephant breaking free from its chains or a sloth bear in slumber. As the artwork travels across the globe, exchanging hands and lending its colours to homes, galleries and offices, the story behind the picture spreads with it. People learn about Raju- the elephant who spent fifty years in chains and abject misery before being rescued by Wildlife SOS in 2014. They find out about the more than 600 sloth bears that have been rehabilitated at Wildlife SOS’ rescue centres across India, that now enjoy happier, healthier lives- free to play, forage and sleep in the sunshine as they please.

Art plays a significant role in spreading the message of conservation the awareness that Wildlife SOS works to disperse among people. On the occasion of International Artists Day, we want to send a whole lot of appreciation to the amazing artists that have lent their time, creativity and vision to our cause.

Singapore-based artist, Alpana Ahuja has been a part of the Wildlife SOS family for years. As a long-term supporter and close friend of the organisation, Alpana’s artwork is a stock feature of Wildlife SOS’ merchandise and events. Besides her delightfully lifelike watercolour paintings of our rescued animals that have featured on our cards, notebooks and calendars, Alpana is the creative force behind our padhchinh series of art- a unique collection of elephant footprint art born out of Alpana’s talent and the willing cooperation of our rescued elephants. Alpana Ahuja organises events, stalls and talks for Wildlife SOS in Singapore, practically serving as our representative in the country!


As a consultant and curator for the Nirula Family Art Trust, an exceptionally talented artist , Arjun Raj Nirula understands the impact art can have and has time and time again graciously helped out Wildlife SOS by donating artwork and photography to us, selling art and giving the proceeds to the organisation and allowing us to be a part of a number of highly successful events, to give us a platform to reach out to more people.

Rebecca Hamilton is a fantastic artist based in the United States, who graciously offered to give us complete rights over the intricate sketches she made of the leopards, bears and elephants at our rescue centres. Diana Thorstensen too allowed us to use her artwork to raise funds for the organisation, and the works of both these amazing talents was featured on our limited edition Raju elephant cards.

Another artist who approached Wildlife SOS with art featuring our famous elephant Raju was the wonderful Ann Radley, whose vivid painting of our elephant commemorating his first year of freedom was featured on the Raju Forever Free posters that went on sale around the time of the anniversary of his rescue. Before this however, Ann was no stranger to Wildlife SOS, having previously donated to us a substantial body of beautiful portraits of the other animals in our care.

Following in the footsteps of her mother, the immensely gifted artist, Lesley Galton, Theo Galton continues to keep her mother’s legacy alive in the most beautiful way by auctioning her beautiful art to raise funds for Wildlife SOS’ rescue work. In similar fashion, gifted artists like Tori Carpenter, Ruchika Goyal, Layce, Richard Symonds, Raj Bharadia and Kali Dragonslayer constantly show their support and heart-warming generosity by allowing us to auction their stunning artwork for the benefit of Wildlife SOS.

Brenda Clarke and Elizabeth Crabtree too have been long term supporters of Wildlife SOS’ work and show their appreciation by gifting us artwork on numerous occasions to auction at fundraisers.

Rishik Sen Vishwanathan, at just eight years old, ventured into the art world on the perfect foot. This talented young boy, student of Alpana Ahuja, was the star of an exhibition held in Wildlife SOS’ honour at the Lalit Hotel earlier this year, generously donating a part of the proceeds from his art to Wildlife SOS.

Wildlife SOS wishes its wonderful, gifted artist family the best on International Artists Day, and remains ever grateful to them for constantly bringing colour into our lives and helping us spread awareness through this beautiful medium.
If you too would like to donate your artwork to us and support our efforts to conserve and protect wildlife, please feel free to drop-in a mail at info@wildlifesos.org

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