All images, graphics, photos, video, stories, features, posts and other content are property of Wildlife SOS unless otherwise noted.

Do I need permission to use Wildlife SOS photos, videos, graphics, stories and other content?

Yes, with limited exceptions listed below, all content created by Wildlife SOS, its staff and contributors is owned by Wildlife SOS and requires express written permission to use.

To request permission to use any Wildlife SOS content, please contact:

Arinita Sandilya
Wildlife SOS Press and Communications Officer
+91 9560011875

How can I share Wildlife SOS content?

Sharing Wildlife SOS content does not require permission when shared in its entirety via social media platforms or in personal communications. These sharing methods include:

  • Using the “Share With” icons at the bottom of Wildlife SOS website posts.
  • Sharing posts from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok or other social media platforms.
  • Sharing the URL to Wildlife SOS stories and features by email, SMS or other messaging systems.
  • Sharing video or images with complete Wildlife SOS watermark intact.

Any third-party monetization of Wildlife SOS content requires express written permission and/or a licensing agreement. Any inclusion of Wildlife SOS content in mass email, MMS or other mass-messaging communications is not permitted without express written permission.

It is permissible to take direct quotes from Wildlife SOS content?

Yes, you can use excerpts of Wildlife SOS materials with proper attribution. It is never acceptable to use selective quotes from articles in a manner than changes the meaning, to use passages out of context, or to combine quotes to create a sentence.

Can I use Wildlife SOS content in my classroom for educational purposes?

Yes! Wildlife SOS loves to have our information shared in a classroom setting. We also love to hear about what your students are learning. If you would like to share your classroom experiences, please contact

Can I use Wildlife SOS content for commercial purposes?

Express written permission for an commercial use is required. If you wish to share Wildlife SOS content on a commercial page, please tag Wildlife SOS and use the hashtag #wildlifesos

Can I remove the logos, watermarks or copyright on Wildlife SOS photos, videos or metadata?

No! All images, video, graphics, stories and other content must retain attribution, bylines, logos, watermarks and metadata. Any modifications without express written permission are forbidden.

Where can I buy Wildlife SOS images? We currently don’t have a gallery of images or prints available for purchase. If you have a specific image you would like to purchase, please contact

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