The Pahalgam Centre currently houses 2 moon bears who were rescued in 2011, and one brown bear.  The Centre has come up on about 400 kanals of land and forms the part of Overa Wildlife Sanctuary spread over 32.27 square kilometers. Our main activities at these facilities has been the management and well-being of animals which includes feeding, cleaning, provision of enrichment in the enclosures and most importantly the health care of the housed bears. Apart from this, the staff of Wildlife SOS always finds the opportunities to interact with the visitors to raise awareness on bears who unfortunately have suffered the most than any other wild species due to the ongoing man wild animal conflict in the state.

The Pahalgam Rescue Center was established by the Jammu & Kashmir Government and Wildlife SOS has been responsible for the upkeep of the rescued/abandoned bears at the Centre since 2007. The Park also acts as rehabilitation-cum-rescue center for the injured wild animals brought here and once they recover they are released back in their natural habitat.


Pahalgam Rescue Centre, Overa Wildllife Sanctuary, Forest block, Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir 192126


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