The Wildlife SOS Transit Facility was established in 1999 in collaboration with the Haryana Forest Department, Government of Haryana, with the primary objective of assisting the state forest department with rescue, medical treatment and release of injured, orphaned wild animals referred to Wildlife SOS by the forest department. Spiraling land development and change in land use in the Gurugram region has brought about habitat fragmentation, depletion and availability for resilient wildlife of the area thus causing a steep increase in man- wildlife conflict.

The Wildlife Transit Facility in Haryana acts as a conservation education point to create awareness about urban wildlife in Gurugram and the surrounding areas to prevent people to kill the local wildlife like snakes, leopards and other animals they perceive as dangerous.
We have a Rapid Response Unit based out of the centre that works round the clock attending to distress calls from members of the public, police, animal lovers and other organizations about wild animals in peril or caught in conflict situations. The rescue centre acts as a transit facility that provides temporary medical care to animals which need time to be able to get released into the wild. In cases where the animals are ill, injured, handicapped and are not found fit enough to be released into the wild, we have provisions for lifetime care at the centre.


Wildlife Rescue Centre & Transit Facility, Vill. Gopalpur, Gurugram, Haryana 122001


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