Age/sex: 7 years old/Female

Age at rescue: 5 years old

Personality traits/quirks: Curious and playful

Recognizable features: Abnormal gait due to gunshot wound

Physical condition and ongoing health challenges: Not undergoing any treatment 

Facility (where the animal is): Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Centre

Favorite foods: Watermelons and Coconut

Sanctuary friends: Chandra, Mithali and Rati

Favorite activities: Relaxing on her hammock enrichment

Special needs or accommodations: Due to her gunshot injury that affected her gait, she cannot climb higher enrichments.

Keeper: Hussain

Background history: Hamsi was handed over to Wildlife SOS Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Centre in Bengaluru after the Forest Department spotted her limping abnormally, constantly licking her shoulder and bleeding. Hamsi came to Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Centre in 2018 for treatment and care but her injury was so grave that her healing took a very long time, that permanently affected her gait.

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