Year of arrival: 2007

Age at the time of arrival: One-and-a-half years

Sex: Male

Personality traits: Playful and filled with energy

Recognisable features: A previously infected muzzle, which is now completely healed

Present health condition: Currently being provided vitamin supplements

Facility: Agra Bear Rescue Facility

Favourite food: Watermelons, coconuts, peanuts and jaggery

Closest to: Kanmani

Favourite activities: Climbing trees and digging mud pits

Background history: Kabilan is a rescued dancing bear who arrived at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility in 2007. He was one-and-a-half years old at the time, but had already witnessed a life of cruelty. He was weak, malnourished and experienced terrible pain due to a muzzle infection caused by the constant tugging of rope that was pushed through a pierced hole in his delicate muzzle. Today, after spending 14 years at ABRF, Kabilan is almost unrecognisable with his muzzle healed, leaving behind only a painless scar.

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