Year of arrival: 2020

Age at the time of arrival: about 50 years-old

Sex: Female

Personality traits: Capricious and alert

Recognisable features: Depigmented borders on her ears, almost as tall as Phoolkali, stands with her head slightly raised

Present health condition: Completely blind in both eyes, overgrown and cracked toenails, torn footpads. Delicate and poor body composition owing to malnutrition.

Facility: Elephant Hospital campus

Favourite food: Green fodder, watermelons and raw bananas

Closest to: Solitary and under treatment

Favourite activities: Actively uses her trunk to survey her surroundings 

Mahout name: Akhilesh, Somveer

Background history: Arya has spent most part of her life in pain, navigating through narrow streets, dragging her ailing feet through the harsh concrete roads. Due to her complete loss of vision, it was a nightmare for her to steer through the blaring traffic and live her life as a begging elephant. She took her first steps of freedom as she climbed off the Elephant Ambulance and walked into the Wildlife SOS Elephant Hospital campus to start a new life with care and compassion, something she never experienced before. | READ MORE ABOUT ARYA »

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