Year of rescue: 2010

Age at the time of rescue: 45 years old

Sex: Male

Personality traits: Moody and reserved

Recognisable features: Tuskless (makhna) and no tushes visible; small ears

Present health condition: Bhola is completely blind in the right eye and gradually losing vision in his left eye; undergoing treatment for a chronic hip abscess and a wound on his elbow which is treated with antiseptic ointment regularly.

Facility: Elephant Conservation and Care Centre

Favourite food: Muskmelons and jackfruits

Favourite activities: Bhola loves basking under the sun and lying down on his mudbed

Special needs: Due to Bhola’s impaired vision, the edgings in his enclosure are given soft cushioning so that he does not end up hurting himself when he walks around; more mudbeds in his enclosure that allow him to rest

Background history: Bhola was rescued in 2010 from Noida, Uttar Pradesh as a victim of a tragic accident with a truck and was found unconscious fighting for his survival. Gravely injured with bruises covering his body, Bhola looked broken and weak and it would have been a miracle had he survived. The persistent care and treatment rendered by our veterinarians to Bhola is what makes him the survivor and an inspiration for all of us! | READ MORE ABOUT BHOLA

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