Year of rescue: 2015

Age at the time of rescue: 22 years

Sex: Male

Personality traits: Reserved

Recognisable features: No tusks; less depigmentation and more uniform colour

Present health condition: Presently not undergoing any treatment; medicated foot bath for his delicate footpads

Facility: Elephant Conservation and Care Centre

Favourite food: Sugarcanes

Closest to: Solitary in nature

Favourite activities: Playing with his tyre enrichment

Background history: Mac was rescued along with 3 other elephants from a circus in Maharashtra in 2015. At the age of 22 years, he was subjected to abuse and torture where he had to perform unnatural tricks for the sake of entertainment. When he arrived at ECCC, he was aggressive and displayed signs of stereotypy by aggressive bobbing of head as well as wary of his new surroundings the only experience he had with humans was the one that caused him pain.

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