Year of rescue: 2015

Age at the time of rescue: 42 years old

Sex: Female

Personality traits: Energetic, deeply devoted to Rhea.

Recognisable features: A noticeable, even pigmentation down her trunk, amidst her eyes.

Present health condition: Mia is undergoing treatment for her footpads, medicated foot baths of boric acid and turmeric as well as regular cleaning and dressing with antiseptic ointment.

Facility: Elephant Conservation and Care Centre 

Favourite food: Sugarcane, green fodder.

Closest to: Rhea

Favourite activities: Dust baths, rolling in the mud, tyre enrichments

Background history: Mia spent the first 42 years of her life as a performing elephant in a circus, before being rescued by Wildlife SOS in November, 2015. Years of excessive work, abuse and neglect left this lovely elephant with swollen limbs, cracked toenails and painfully damaged footpads and cuticles with severe abscesses. After a lifetime without any proper rest or care, Mia was provided with lots of dedicated veterinary treatment, regular pedicures, good food and love to recover from her brutal past. Today she’s a happy, healthy elephant who loves to play with best friend Rhea. | READ MORE ABOUT MIA

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