Year of arrival: 2021

Age at the time of arrival: Approximately 60 years

Sex: Female

Personality traits: Docile and calm 

Recognisable features: Depigmentation on both eyes; symmetrically depigmented borders on both ears; Depigmentation patch on shoulders

Present health condition: Suffers from complete and irreversible blindness in both eyes; inflammation in the spine due to heavy saddle; ulcerative wounds above both eyes and on top of forehead; osteoarthritis affecting the hindlimbs; ankylosed right hind limb

Facility: Treatment Unit at ECCC

Favourite food: Watermelons and sugarcane stems

Closest to: Holly and Kalpana

Favourite activities: Enjoys relaxing long showers followed by dust baths; very food-oriented 

Background history: For six decades, Nina would drag herself through the narrow and littered streets of Uttar Pradesh, decked in heavy adornments at wedding ceremonies. The noisy orchestra and overjoyed attendees were oblivious to the immense discomfort that Nina was facing, with no vision and rapidly deteriorating health. She needed immediate medical intervention and was transferred to the Wildlife SOS Treatment Unit for long-term medical care and treatment. The veterinary team has organised a specialised treatment and geriatric care plan for Nina to help her in her journey forward. | READ MORE ABOUT NINA

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